How counseling can help you

  • Uncover beliefs, habits and attitudes that may be hindering you from progress you want to make
  • Determine possibilities about what to do next and prioritize what’s most important to you
  • Discover your own strengths and identify other supportive resources
  • Gain objective perspective on challenges you are facing
  • Make the changes you want to make to lead a more fulfilling career and/or personal life
Click here to learn more about Living Well Dallas, the Integrative Functional Medicine Center where I see clients.  We take a customized approach to wellness – addressing mental, physical, and digestive health.  Call 972-930-0260 or email to make an appointment. 

NOTE: The information found on the site only includes general recommendations and does not represent a therapeutic relationship between Joy and the reader.

Clients I Serve

I work with clients in transition – those who have hit some of life’s speed bumps and are looking for ways to adjust course. I especially enjoy working with:

  • College students/recent grads
  • Couples (premarital or married)
  • Families
  • Clients from diverse backgrounds

What NOT to Expect

  • Sitting on a couch, detailing every memory from your childhood, while I take copious amounts of notes and utter an occasional “mmm hmm”.
  • Unloading your issues for 50 minutes, hearing a timer, and then walking out with no actions.
  • Receiving unsolicited advice from me or a “right answer.” We will explore options and possibilities together. You set the agenda and decide which goals to pursue.

What to Expect

  • Getting to know each other. I care about you as a person and want to understand what drives and motivates you.
  • Asking open-ended, thought provoking questions to understand your situation and challenges
  • Addressing the thoughts, behaviors, and environmental factors contributing to the problems you are facing
  • Setting goals, establishing milestones, and identifying success measures